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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Science Experiments with Plants

Hi my name is Caitlin. We are doing experiments to find out what plants need to grow. My group is wondering 'do plants need sunshine?'

Hi my name is Mohammad. My science group is is wondering 'will a plant live without space to grow?'

Hi my name is Vincent and my group is wondering 'Will a plant survive without water?'

Hi my name is Xzavier. My science group is wondering 'could a plant live without carbon dioxide?'

Hi name is Jayden and we are trying to find out what happens to a plant if it has no space to grow'.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017


Hi my name is Sean. This morning I led the class in the morning ritual. I did the roll, I picked some people to read the student news and read the timetable. It was hard to lead because it was my first time but I got more confident as I kept learning.

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Reflecting on our Collaborative Symmetrical Art

Reflect on your Collaborative Symmetrical art activity this morning.
What was hard? What worked well? What didn’t work well? What have you learned?

So we worked out that blue was the perfect colour for the zig zags so when we were thinking about the background colour but it was pretty complicated so we went with a simple colour  
When we first started we got it wrong and we never gave up so we had to start again and next time we got it right
The thing that was hard was working in a group and team work because some of us didn’t get along with each other.The thing that worked well was problem solving and making the colours symmetrical.The thing that didn’t work out was friendship because, some of us were being mean to each other and won’t share their colours.I have learned that when we become older we will do so many group work that’s why you should learn teamwork first.


The thing that was bad is that some did not get along wall . the good thing was that no one was being silly. But in the end we got it done so that was good . it all was dan there was no fighting .it was so fun i enjoyed it all. I like art very much.

I learnt  to day  working together .when we were voting   nobody voted for my I got sad  
But  Api  henry and Liam  agreed to my idea
The thing that was hard was that first thing that we did wrong was when we placed them up it was not Symmetrical.We also did was also hard to pick the colours.when we first did it it was wrong so we had to start again.but when we started are 2nd it got really was a good idea for my team i
Had Vivian, Kimberly,doris and I.i also learnt to share our ideas.i also learnt that you should share everyone's ideas
I had done team work today.I had done some maths,it was a bit hard for me.We had many ideas for maths. My idea was that we colour our names.
The thing that was hard was when we put it together it was wrong ,so we had to  start again to get it right, milana put dots on  so it  will be easier.then we finally got it right..
I learnt that we need to share our ideas instead of just starting to work without telling everybody in the group. It’s best to think before we do something. I had to try problem solve to get the colours to be symmetrical.Skylah , Naomi and I all had Different ideas for the border around our symmetrical picture.  my group had to  use same colours so that  our picture could be Symmetrical.
I found the activity easy because everyone got along well and we all understood. I learnt that teamwork always works
I learnt that you can share Ideas in different ways and use Useful or unuseful ideas from people And agree and disagree on things and  xzavier vincent and Matthew are Really helpful people
It was hard choosing the colours. Our designing worked because we worked like a team. What didn’t work was that was everyone had a different idea. I learned that teamwork is the best.
When we were doing our art piece we came across a lot of problems, so we had to problem solve to overcome them. We also learnt how different people used different colors.
I learnt that  you have to work out the colours to make it the same was hard to do the border.  I think that it was very fun doing the colours..we Had to decide what to use for the colours - gel Pens or pencils We chose pencils, because we would use too much of the gel pens, And it takes too long to do it with gel pens. All the colours have to be the same because it had to be symmetrical .
I learnt problem solving  and it was hard choosing the colours.

Because we had to problem solve it made it more difficult.


The hard thing was that it was hard because it was time to put all the parts together and use the same colour.
We were arguing and then we problem solved and took a vote but it was still hard.
My group found it hard, because when it was time to put all the parts of the flower together it did not fit.


I learnt to problem solve. I used four colours .

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Game On!

We have been learning netball skills this term.

Thus mornig we are applying our new skills to a game of netball.

My name is Vincent. I was Centre. I had to block the ball that came but I couldn't go in the circle.

My name is Devon. I was Attacker. I liked shooting into the hoop.

My name is Harvir. I was Centre. I needed to pass the ball to my team mates.